The letter of protest, which is printed on this page [click here for text], was sent from Soka Gakkai to the Liberal Democratic Party.

Photo of apology to Soka Gakkai by the Liberal Democratic Party  in LDP newspaper Jiyu Shimpo

Apology carried in the April 28, 1998 issue of LDP's newspaper, the Jiyu Shimpo

The Public Relations Headquarters has conducted a detailed review of the articles that were carried in Jiyu Shimpo and of related materials.

It goes without saying that Jiyu Shimpo is the official paper of our Party, and as such is obliged to pay heed to the rights of citizens and to the protection of their good name. Nor was it ever our intention to be parties to an effort to spread falsehoods. However, from a legal perspective, as indicated in this letter of protest, it cannot be denied that the articles in question contained various points of an excessive nature, which could be the cause for future legal problems.

Further, based on the outcome of similar cases, the outcome of the Nobuhiras' suit can be predicted with some certainty. In preparing these articles, we failed to conduct an adequate investigation of the facts and focused solely on the assertions of one of the parties to the dispute [i.e. the Nobuhiras]. Although this was in no way our intention, we must acknowledge the inappropriateness of having in effect cooperated in the spreading of falsehoods. For this we apologize and express our profound regret.

Kaoru Yosano
Public Relations Headquarters
Liberal Democratic Party

[Note: As it appeared in the April 28, 1998 issue of Jiyu Shimpo]