May 1992 Nobuko and husband Junko Nobuhira are dismissed from Soka Gakkai leadership positions in Hokkaido for financial misconduct.
Aug 1993 A ruling coalition that includes the Komeito is formed, and the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) loses power for the first time in nearly 40 years.
Dec 1993 Mr. and Mrs. Nobuhira officially renounce their Soka Gakkai membership.
Jun 1994 The LDP, in coalition with the Socialist Party, returns to power (The Socialist Party leader becomes Prime Minister).
Jul 1995 The New Frontier Party (NFP), a coalition party that includes Komeito politicians and is endorsed by Soka Gakkai, wins more votes than the LDP in Upper House election.
Feb 15, 1996 Weekly tabloid Shukan Shincho (Feb 22 issue) carries articles based on Mrs. Nobuhira's allegations, accusing Soka Gakkai Honorary President Daisaku Ikeda of rape.
From Feb 19, 1996 During three parliamentary sessions, LDP politicians attempt to summon Mr. Ikeda to appear in the Diet as an unsworn witness concerning Mrs. Nobuhira's allegations.
Feb 23, 1996 Mrs. Nobuhira holds a press conference for the Japanese media. Anti-Soka Gakkai writer, Masao Okkotsu, is the emcee.
From Apr 1996 The LDP's official newspaper, Jiyu Shimpo, begins to carry series of articles on the Nobuhiras' claims.
Apr 1996 LDP distributes reprints of the Shukan Shincho article carrying Mrs. Nobuhira's allegations as part of its election strategy to discredit Soka Gakkai, one of the leading supporting groups of NFP, the then main opposition party.
Jun 5, 1996 Mr. and Mrs. Nobuhira file a civil suit against Soka Gakkai honorary president for alleged rape.
Jun 24, 1996 Mrs. Nobuhira holds a press conference at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan to announce that she has filed a civil suit.
Apr 21, 1998 LDP publishes an apology in its newspaper Jiyu Shimpo (Apr. 28 issue), which states: "we must acknowledge the inappropriateness of having in effect cooperated in the spreading of falsehoods."
May 30, 2000 The Tokyo District Court dismisses lawsuit as "an abuse of the right of action." The chief judge states that there is no evidence to support the claims and that the allegation lacks credibility.
Jan 31, 2001 The Tokyo High Court dismisses plaintiff's appeal; upholds District Court decision.
Jun 26, 2001 The Supreme Court dismisses plaintiff's final appeal. The case is closed in favor of Defendant.

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