July 21, 1994 A Nichiren Shoshu priest dies in a head-on collision with a truck in Hokkaido. After investigation by police and an insurance company, it was determined the accident was wholly the priest's fault because his car had run into the opposing lane.
Sept. 1, 1994 (issue) Weekly tabloid Shukan Shincho reports that the truck driver, who was a Soka Gakkai member, intentionally killed a priest through a premeditated traffic accident.
Oct. 5, 1994 The truck driver, Nobuyuki Shirayama, files a libel suit against Shukan Shincho's publisher, Shinchosha.
Oct. 11, 1994 A Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) politician presents Shukan Shincho article in a nationally televised Diet debate in order to expose Soka Gakkai as a group of dangerous people.
Dec. 20, 1996 The Sapporo District Court rules Shinchosha, publisher of Shukan Shincho, is liable for defamation, and orders it to pay 1.1 million yen in damages.
Sep. 25, 1997 Sapporo High Court upholds District Court decision
Mar. 26, 1998 The Supreme Court rejects an appeal by publisher Shinchosha and upholds lower court decisions. Case closed in favor of Mr. Shirayama.

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